This 3D Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technology uses non-invasive imaging, similar to an ultrasound, to generate high-resolution images and detailed cross-sections of distinct retinal layers and anterior segments within minutes. This level of detail helps with early diagnosis of medical conditions that can cause damage to the macula, optic nerve, retinal layers, cornea, and blood vessels that may go undetected from conventional testing and helps identify other diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Over time, the progression of these conditions can be monitored to help identify effective treatment options to meet your needs.


This technology provides our team with a streamlined way to monitor its progression and correlate measurements with axial length growth curves through Optical Low Coherence Interferometry – often the main culprit behind myopic eyes. Additionally, it provides us with detailed reports of corneal topography, pupillometry, meibography, anterior cornea wavefront analysis, and simulated fittings for specialty lenses such as RGP and Ortho-K lenses. These features help ensure us to provide a comprehensive suite of tools to assess myopia control and progression.

CV 5000

This refractive technology helps compare old prescriptions and new refractions seamlessly and allows ergonomic refraction with its high-speed lens disc rotation allowing for greater accuracy while simultaneously allowing patient comfort during their eye exam.